e-drive Turkey 2021 was visited by 2682 individuals.

As per the feedback we received from our exhibitors, we are pleased that our target audience has visited our event. For e-drive Turkey 2022, we have started planning promotions that will spread throughout the year in order to reach a much wider audience without compromising our visitor quality.

Target Audience

  • Public institution representatives

  • End consumers interested in electric vehicles

  • Distributors

  • Engineers

  • Developers

  • Experts

  • Fleet managers and operators

  • Electric vehicle supply chain representatives

  • Researchers and academics

  • Service Providers

Scooter / Bicycle Experience Area

E-drive Turkey started a first and offered a pleasant driving experience to its visitors with its scooter/bike experience area installed indoors.

This application, which will continue in e-drive Turkey 2022, was welcomed by both companies and visitors.

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