Duru Tradeshows is a visionary and dynamic exhibition organizer established in Istanbul in 2018.

As Duru Tradeshows, we believe that all exhibitions, conferences and commercial meetings are of key importance for the development of national and international trade. Our company held its first in-person exhibition on 09-12 December 2021 in Istanbul.

Duru Tradeshows continues its way with two main objectives by keeping quality and participant satisfaction in the foreground. Our first goal; is to enrich our projects in terms of content every year and to brand them with a continuous growth trend, and the second is to expand our fair portfolio with new concepts.

Despite the negative impact of the Covid-19 process on physical fairs, along with the wide and diverse communication tools of today’s world, we believe that face-to-face meetings are still of great importance due to the opportunities they offer such as close testing of products/services and the participant-visitor dialogue.


Our motto is; “to design the best possible event experience for all our participants”.

Meet Our Team

Burcu Uca

Duru Tradeshows – Kurucu / Founder
e-drive Turkey - Fuar Direktörü / Event Director

Murat Yıldız

Duru Tradeshows & e-drive Turkey
İdari İşler Müdürü / Administrative Manager

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